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Wire/Cable Assembly

Specialized Products’ team is capable of building a large variety of wire harnesses and/or cables. We are equipped with numerous wire processing machines and an exceptionally skilled labor force. We will build per print, lead list or sample.

Mulitple Lead Assemblies

From pigtails to wiring assemblies and everything in between, we at Specialized Products, Ltd. know that no two harnesses are alike. That is why we treat every project as a unique job and examine the whole assembly for weak points. Combined with our years of harness assembly experience, tried-and-true production methods and industry standard connections, you can bet you’ll have a reliable assembly.

Braided Harness

We have the ability to braid wire harnesses. The nylon braiding material is woven around a group of wires and securely holds them together. Braiding is often used when a harness requires more durability due to harsh environmental applications or for abrasion protection when the wires may come in contact with sharp edges inside an assembly.

Cable Assemblies

Whether your cable assembly needs two wires to fifty or more, no matter what size/gauge/length wire or what sort of connectors it requires, we can manufacture a top-quality, cost-effective solution.

Our production capabilities not only enable us to create cable assemblies in any configuration, they also allow complete manufacturing traceability. This helps maintain Specialized Products’ high standards of quality.

Large Cables

We specialize in manufacturing custom battery cable assemblies for many applications. We are your premier contract manufacturing resource for power and high-current conductors intended for severe, rugged environments.

Ultrasonic Wire Splicing

The wires are stacked between the vibrating/oscillating tool (sonotrode) and the anvil block. They are confined in a pre-determined space before the static force is applied through the anvil. As oscillation ensues, the metal surfaces heat up, plasticize, and the strands are bonded together by inter-mingling at the molecular level

*Please note that the photos and capabilities shown are a brief representation of what we do here.