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Our company offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities because of our vast experience. Within our company are divisions of all sizes. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource and recipe for success. Listed below is a list of services we currently offer our clients. (but not limited to)

Wire Harness/Cable Assembly

Specialized Products, Ltd. is equipped with numerous wire processing machines, wire harness assembly stations and an excellent skilled labor force to satisfy all of your harness needs.

We have the ability to process wire and cable from 22 awg to 4/0 and beyond. This includes multiconductor cables in a wide range of sizes.

From simple to complex, we’re interested in helping with your requirements.


Soldering can be a critical part of any wire harness or cable assembly. This creates a strong bond between two parts allowing electrical current to flow. Our soldering team is trained based off of IPC industry standards.


Exposure to water, dust, oil, chemicals, movement and extreme temperature changes can damage circuitry and connections, threatening malfunction. This problem has led manufacturers to search for ways to seal electrical/electronic components from these harmful elements to help ensure reliability and stability of their products.

Mold Manufacturing

Specialized Products’ wide-ranging experience with a variety of state-of-the-art mold technologies means we can meet your requirements with innovative, creative, out-of-the-box thinking. Whether you need a single-cavity, single face pre-production mold or a Multi-cavity mold, Specialized Products’ expertise can provide the technology suitable for your application.

Machine Shop

Specialized Products’ machine shop is something we are very proud of. Many customers often put them to the test, but our machinists, appreciating a challenge, rise above and beoynd to provide successful end results to challenging machined parts designs.


Brazing is a heating process in which two or more like or unlike materials are joined together by means of another metal alloy with a lower melting point. Braze joints can be made exceptionally strong, sometimes stronger than the two metals being joined.

Braze joints are liquid- and gas-tight, can withstand shock and vibration, are unaffected by normal temperature changes, provide good electrical conductivity and can be easily plated using conventional processes. Typical brazing temperatures vary between 800°F and 2150° F.

We currently have multiple Brazing Stations set up for Automated, Hand and Induction Brazing.

We also have numerous work stations set up for the assembly of all components prior to the actual Brazing Process.


Building a prototype is a major part in getting a product ready for production. We will work with you in the design process to develop a prototype that you can use to determine any modifications that will need to be made before production begins.

Prototype services are available for all of our products lines including Wire Harness Assemblies, Cable Assemblies, Over Molding, and Machining.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

We excel in small to medium sized production runs, customized orders built to your exact requirements and new assemblies or modifications of existing parts.


We will manage your inventory by bundling and packaging your products to your specifications so they are ready for shipping.

*Please note that the photos and capabilities shown are a brief representation of what we do here.